Sadak 2 actor Chrisann Pereira locked in Sharjah jail; family cries she is a victim of drug trafficking (Exclusive) | Bollywood

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Mumbai-based actor and dancer Krissan Pereira has been imprisoned in the Sharjah Central Prison in the United Arab Emirates. According to the information we have gathered, Chrisan was detained by airport authorities after being arrested for drugs.

Chrisane Pereira (Instagram)
Chrisane Pereira (Instagram)

Chrisan’s family shares that their daughter was the victim of the incident. “We have been emotionally tortured for the past two weeks. My sister is innocent and has been caught in a drug lordship,” says her Kevin of Chrisann’s brother. The family shares that Krissan has not even been able to interact with her since she landed at Sharjah airport. let us know,” he added.

According to family members, Krisan was tricked by a man who identified himself as Ravi. The man first asked Chrisann’s mother, Premila Pereira, to “introduce her daughter to his talent[pool team]and ask if Chrisann could meet for an upcoming international web series.” Later, Krisan’s auditions were locked in Dubai and the man took care of all the arrangements.She asked the accused to meet him at a coffee shop 10 minutes from Mumbai International Airport before she boarded the flight on April 1. “He handed her the trophy, presumably stating that it was part of the script for the audition and would be needed for the audition. So she carried the trophy with her.” “It was a big deal,” says Premila. Upon arriving at Sharjah airport, Krisan stinks as he fails to reach Ravi. “On April 10, we were informed by the consulate that Chrisan had been charged with drugs found in a memento,” she added.[poolteamandaskedifChrisannisavailabletomeetatforanupcominginternationalwebseries”AfteraseriesofmeetingsanauditionwaslockedforChrisanninDubaiandthemantookcareofallthearrangementsBeforeChrisanntookherflightonApril1shewascalledbytheaccusedtomeetatacoffeeshop10minutesawayfromtheMumbaiinternationalairport“HehandedoveratrophytoherperhapsmentioningthatthesaidtrophyispartofthescriptfortheauditionandwillberequiredfortheauditionAccordinglyshecarriedthetrophywithher”saysPremilaUponreachingSharjahairportChrisannsmelledfoulasshewasunabletoreachRavi“OnApril10wewereinformedbytheConsulatethatChrisannhasbeenchargedwithdrugsfoundinthememento”sheadds[プールチームに紹介し、クリサンが今後の国際的なウェブシリーズのために会うことができるかどうか尋ねた一連の会議の後、ドバイでクリサンのオーディションがロックされ、男性がすべての手配を担当しました。4月1日の飛行機に乗る前に、彼女はムンバイ国際空港から10分のコーヒーショップで会うように被告人に呼ばれました。「彼はトロフィーを彼女に手渡しました。おそらく、そのトロフィーはオーディションの台本の一部であり、オーディションに必要になるだろうと述べていましたしたがって、彼女はトロフィーを持ち歩いていました」とPremilaは言います。シャルジャ空港に到着すると、クリサンはラヴィに到達できなかったため、悪臭を放ちました。「4月10日、私たちは領事館から、記念品から発見された薬物でクリサンが起訴されたと知らされました」と彼女は付け加えた。[poolteamandaskedifChrisannisavailabletomeetatforanupcominginternationalwebseries”AfteraseriesofmeetingsanauditionwaslockedforChrisanninDubaiandthemantookcareofallthearrangementsBeforeChrisanntookherflightonApril1shewascalledbytheaccusedtomeetatacoffeeshop10minutesawayfromtheMumbaiinternationalairport“HehandedoveratrophytoherperhapsmentioningthatthesaidtrophyispartofthescriptfortheauditionandwillberequiredfortheauditionAccordinglyshecarriedthetrophywithher”saysPremilaUponreachingSharjahairportChrisannsmelledfoulasshewasunabletoreachRavi“OnApril10wewereinformedbytheConsulatethatChrisannhasbeenchargedwithdrugsfoundinthememento”sheadds

Now the family is running from pillar to post, conversing with Krisan to get her out. I still don’t know if there is an official bill and fines.My family is preparing to mortgage the house.Rs. I couldn’t sleep, eat or rest worrying about her while she was free to roam,” says Kevin.

The family tried to get help from the Mumbai Police, but to no avail. “The local police have not filed an FIR for him because no formal charges have been filed from Sharjah,” says Kevin.

Chrisann has films like Batla House (2019), Sadak 2 (2020) and Thinkistan (2019).

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