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Bawaal, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, premiered on Prime Video on July 21st. Varun Dhawan and Yanvi Kapoor’s films have received mixed reviews from critics, with many criticizing their references to the Holocaust in relation to modern relations. Actor Lisa Ray responded to a line in the film that equated Auschwitz with relationships. (Also read: Bawal review: Hitler saves a toxic marriage in the year’s most insensitive film so far)

Lisa Ray reacted to a line from the movie ‘Bawal’.

Lisa Ray’s reaction

As it happens, film critic Raja Sen tweeted. “Apparently in #Bawaal there is a line by Jahnvi Kapoor that says ‘Har rishta apne-apne Auschwitz se guzarta hai…’. That’s it, folks. (This line means “All relationships pass through Auschwitz.”) In response to this line, actor Lisa Ray reacted in disbelief and responded, “No.”

Other reactions on Twitter

Besides Lisa, many people expressed their shock in the comments. One person said, “That’s a very insensitive line!” “In today’s episode Hindi film loses plot….” wrote another, adding, “Why European (Auschwitz) or American (Balboa) cultural references appear in our mainstream entertainment as if we had no references of our own. It looks so forced and unnatural.” Another commented, “Are you serious?”

What Nitesh Tiwari said

At the trailer launch event in Dubai, director Nitesh Tiwari broke his silence about the film’s references to Hitler and World War II. He said, “When you’re creating a character, you get to go back and look at events and occurrences that could play an important role in that character’s overall arc and relationships in general.

On the other hand, the Hindustan Times review said, “Bawal’s most insensitive part ends when he imagines them visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp and suffocating in a gas chamber. It is an excruciatingly horrifying and shameful portrayal, and the Holocaust is just a scapegoat for the story as the characters confront their fears and save their toxic marriage. The moment they meet, the historical backdrop disappears. The blacks, and the whites disappear.” It infuses the scene with color, and the effect is disconcerting to say the least.”

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