Notes on this, that, and everything in between – Episode 1: Does age matter?

by bollywoodbubbles
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Loved the video, BR.
only 2 points
1. I remember seeing an article in the newspaper quite a few years ago about slum children being trained to be local tour guides at various points in history. When asked about his age, one of the children said he was 17, he added. He wasn’t familiar with his actual age and believed it to be a number assigned by his trainer or someone based on his physical characteristics. And that made me think: If we realized now that our actual birthdates were off by a year from his, would we feel younger or older? That’s why people who spend time with them give off a youthful atmosphere.
2. Regarding that actor saying that he keeps away people who are discouraging, it is also important to eat and sleep according to your physical age (I remember that interview by the way). , I know who it was!).
A young body’s digestive system can grind through anything we put into it. But as we age, we need to respect that part so that we don’t lose mental function.

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