Balaji Kumar’s ‘Kolai’ is great to look at, but the murder mystery beneath is barely exciting

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Spoilers continue…

The story struggles to live up to the visuals in this thriller starring Vijay Anthony and Ritika Singh.


Balaji Kumar made an impressive debut as follows. vidyam manTen years later, he’s back with at least an impressive film. Koray – Based on a real-life murder – Feels like a fusion of music video and music trend A fashion shoot that combines the sensibility of a noir comic sin city. The look is perfect because the murder victim is a fashion model, and as she puts it, she’s all about the surface.old song “Partha Nyabagam Ilayo”is sung, and is often used in jazz-style BGM. And the songs are accompanied by surreal visuals, such as clouds that look like faces, and two lovers standing between roaring trains. The song that decorates the opening of the movie also has a certain sensibility. Aria “Nessun Dolma” It seems to suggest that the visuals will be operatic as well.

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