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Actor Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s daughter Neesa Devgan live with friends in London. The child of a popular star has been spotted partying with friends again. Her best friend, Olly Awatramani, aka Ory, has posted new photos from her recent outing last week. Also read: Kajol thinks he looks like his daughter Kneesa Devgan in this AI-generated image

Kneesa Devgan and friends in a club in London.
Kneesa Devgan and friends in a club in London.

On his Instagram story, Orhan shared a scene from a London club where Bollywood star kids are often seen partying. This time, it was Neesa who spent time there. Ory posted a ton of selfies that included Kneesaa. For her night out, Kneesaa donned a shimmering gold top and bottoms.

Orhan Awatramani shares new photo with Neesa Devgan.
Orhan Awatramani shares new photo with Neesa Devgan.

Ollie’s first selfie showed her pouting in a club. A group photo of Kneesaa, Olly and the rest of the friends followed. Nysa struck a fierce pose while Ollie stood in the back with the rest of the gang. He geotagged the place as The London REIGN.

Kneesaa is the eldest child of Ajay and Kajol. They also have a son named Yug Devgan who is currently studying at school. Meanwhile, Kneesaa is pursuing higher education in Switzerland after completing his schooling at the Gurion Institute of Higher Education in Singapore. She is often seen traveling to various locations with her friends, including Ollie.

Kneesaa celebrated her 20th birthday last month. Kajol shared a candid photo taken together at the NMACC launch event in Mumbai. She captioned it, “This will always be us and our story. Love your sense of humor and your spirit and your very kind heart. I love you to the slightest.” , baby, may you always laugh and laugh and sneer with me forever! #daughter rock #my baby girl #happy 20 years old #all grown up.”

Ajay also shared a four candid photo collage with Kneesaa. Sharing a collage image, the actor wrote, “#FatherofMyPride Happy Birthday to him, baby.” In the photo, his father-daughter duo are seen twins in black outfits.

Naisa has yet to decide on her Bollywood debut, but her parents say she’s no less than a social media star. Commenting on the attention Neesa is receiving on social media, Kajol recently told the Hindustan Times: She loves the fact that Kneesaa behaves with dignity wherever she goes. All I can say is that she’s 19 and having fun. She has the right to do whatever she wants and I will always support her. ”

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