Achyut Vinayak’s ‘Thrishanku’, with Anna Ben and Arjun Ashokan, has a super premise, but it’s content to remain a pleasant watch instead of the all-out riot it could have become

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Spoilers continue…

For about 30 minutes I was in comedy heaven. However, this situation has not been sufficiently promoted. Not milked enough to be a joke. From a certain point on, sentences become very useful.


In her first film Kumbhalangi Night, Anna Ben was harassed by her insane brother-in-law.She’s been in the freezer ever since Helen.she was deceived Capella.she had to deal with her unwanted pregnancy Sarah’s.She’s battled fake journalism Naradhan.she was the suspect in the murder night drive. and, Kaapa, her name was listed in the Kerala anti-social activity law. After such a cinematic trauma for her, she can only imagine the tears of joy that ran down Anna Benn’s face when Achut Vinayak approached him for the role. Trishank, where she has to be part of some silly scenarios. She plays Megha, a Christian who falls in love with Sethu (Arjun Ashokhan). And despite her cinematic trauma shadow of her overbearing father who assumes he knows what’s best for her daughter, her mega story is largely Priyadarshan’s. put her in a similar situation.

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