Readers Write In #584: Diving straight and dissecting into the micro level of why mass unnatural disasters happen

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Written by Neelaja Raghurman

I don’t understand the joke the universe is trying to make fun of us with such a large number of casualties.

There may be a lot of discussion at the macro level, but here we go directly to the mind level discussion.

I believe that people should be allowed to love without limits.

Responsibility from a place of love never symbioses such strange mistakes.

What kind of person are we making a 7-year-old when her parents don’t love each other and she’s not allowed to love and be with her father the way she wants to?

Do you know what we become when we are not allowed to love and live of our own free will? Perhaps if they could love freely, they would emanate more selfless love and less hate.

Even if it doesn’t, does limiting love give real happiness to those who do it?

I never have. It just creates a chain of abuse.

No one is healed or immune to its ill effects.

Breaking Bad doesn’t always play out like the Holocaust that history remembers. Love limits people, loving people less, limiting people loving is destructive enough.

If more people in the 300s had lived lives of limited love, worse than death, this accident would have healed their scarred lives.

That is the only objective way to explain why the universe does not overlook the loss of many children and others when such things happen.


The world needs more love.

And there will be less control, shackles, constraints, etc., and people will love each other less.

I thought so from the bottom of my heart while praying for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives at the time of the great train accident of this era.

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