Bitty Ruminations 93 – Asking for help (with a little help from lyricist Vaali)

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A big thank you to everyone who replied to the previous thread. This is a reminder that people can only help you if they know you need help. in short, you have to ask for helpAnd like most situations in life, there are philosophical movie songs that express this feeling.i am mentioning Poongodi Than Phousatamafrom idayam (1991), composed by Ilaiyaraaja and written by Vaali.

The opening line is breathtaking. Flowers have bloomed. A bee witnessed this. But the bees take their time for some reason, and the breeze blows the flowers away before they can get there. The line that gets into the domestic situation and kills me is:

உன் வீட்டு கண்ணாடி
ஆனாலும் கூட
முன் வந்து நின்றால்தான்
முகம் காட்டும் இங்கே

As a verse, I don’t think it’s very elegant. Time signatures/rhymes have an “inlaid” quality. (The “இங்கே” at the end is really gnawing.) But come to think of it, how cool is this! Even a mirror can’t reflect you if you don’t stand in front of it. Extending the metaphor a little further. Even a mirror doesn’t reflect anything unless you stand in front of it., In other words, “to face”, In other words, ask for its help to reflect you.

It turns out that this is the key to a difficult situation. you have to face them. (Going back to the old Bitty Ruminations, you it is better to listen Of course, like everything else in life, this is not easy for some people because it depends on internal wiring. For others, containment of emotions is their way. You can’t even “break” that behavior until For some, that moment may never come. Either way, the song (and its lyrical thoughts) captures this conundrum beautifully.

As an aside, many people associate philosophical movie songs (Tahuba Padal) as belonging to the MSV era, but flourished through the 80’s and 90’s — why you’ll still find examples of it today! naan (2012), music by Vijay Antony, lyrics by Annamalai. The general idea is that life involves a certain amount of pain, and reconciliation with this pain allows us to move forward. I often used it as a pickup.

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