Manoj Bajpayee’s Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai headed to theatres? Director hopes the film’s reach will expand | Bollywood

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Since starring Manoj Vajpayee Surf Ek Vandaa Kafi Hai Once it hits streaming, the legal drama will be widely acclaimed and could even be released theatrically.

“Surf Ek Bandar Kafi Hai” stars actor Manoj Vajpayee as PC Solanki, a lawyer who is not afraid to fight the authorities.

Sources close to the film say the web-streaming platform and the studio are in active talks to chart the future course of the film. “It will be the first time a movie has been released theatrically after an OTT premiere, so there is a lot of planning going on. It will not even be seen as such,” said another source.

Filmmaker Apooruf Singh Kalki expressed excitement over the ongoing debate about the development, saying it gave people hope to trust the content.

“There are ongoing discussions at the moment and these are internal negotiations between streaming platforms and studios.

He continued, “And it’s an exciting sign, as it’s the first time such a discussion has taken place since we’ve seen the rise of the streaming space amid the pandemic. The film is now out in theaters.” It will reach a wider audience with the message that is most important to the director: jahan jahan film nahi ja paai hai, wo wahan jayegi’.

The filmmaker believes the move would be “a good thing and a beautiful thing” for the industry as a whole. “It will change the way we perceive OTT content and content made for theatrical use. Rather than seeing it as a threat, we can see that both are important mediums for storytelling.” he added.

Inspired by real events, this courtroom drama features Vajpai as a lawyer who struggles to bring justice to girls who have been wronged by God.

Kalki concluded with hopeful words, saying he would be “very happy” if the film hit the big screen now. “Kamal Ka Feeling Hoga. It is also important that the film reaches a wider audience. We will get it,” he concluded hopefully.

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