Vicky Kaushal responds to viral video of being pushed by Salman Khan’s security

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Salman Khan and Vicky Kaushal are currently attending events together. Yesterday, a video of Vicky being shoved by Salman’s security guards went viral. Vicky was questioned about the incident later in the evening. And this is his reply.

Vicky Kaushal

As video shows, Vicky Kaushal was pushed away by security guards on May 26 when he tried to speak to Salman Khan. This caused an uproar on social media. Vicky was spotted speaking to the media at an event that evening. he said: “We often have unnecessary chatter about things. There’s no point in it. Things aren’t really as you see them in the video. Talking about it is pointless.”

Vicky Kaushal

Yesterday evening, a video showed Vicky Kaushal being shoved by a security guard while trying to talk to Salman Khan. The video quickly became popular online and sparked conversations among Internet users. The video also shows Vicky trying to talk to Salman as he arrives at the event, but is stopped by the actor’s security.

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