My YouTube Episode 5: Me? An Actor? WTF!

by bollywoodbubbles
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  • The Amather’s Art #50 – “Nihongo no Sukitto” by Severus Snape (Japanese with English subtitles)

  • Amateur Art #49 – “Waiting” by Tridib Bhattacharya

  • Nirmal Joshi’s ‘Goodnight Giggles’ is a fantastic short film about a sexually active couple

  • Balaji Kumar’s ‘Korai’ is great to watch, but the murder mystery underneath is hardly exciting

  • Suresh Sangaiah’s ‘Satya Sotanai’ has a few gentle laughs, but it never stings with satire

  • Christopher Nolan tried a form of minimalism (that is, his form) in ‘Oppenheimer’ with mixed results

  • In “Bhawar,” Varun Dhawan and Yanvi Kapoor unfold an amazing and ambitious story that equates the Cold War between husband and wife with real wars like World War II.

  • Interview: Balaji K. Kumar (on three-act structure, film technology, and Vijay Anthony’s reaction to Korai)

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  • Reader Post #603: Kohala: Love Is Both Bitch And Painkiller In This Murder Investigation That’s Much More Than Just an Investigation

  • Abrupt Conversation: I’m Not Angry…

  • Madonne Ashwin’s ‘Maaveeran’ starts out promising, with a great premise and a well-placed Shivakarthikeyan, then slowly becomes disgustingly generic

  • Interview: Sarisa (“Maaveeran” and nostalgic flashbacks of her Tamil films)

  • Interview: Nitesh Tiwari, Varun Dhawan, Yanvi Kapoor (“Bhawar”)

  • Reader writes #602: பட்டாம்பூச்சி

  • Interview: Nelson Venkatesan on ‘Farhana’ and why ‘Last Stories’ in Tamil won’t happen anytime soon

  • Reader Post #601: Scorpion Song: A Marriage of Myth, Mirage, and Fact

  • Reader Writes #600: Moral Responsibility in Choices

  • 10 Questions: Sivakarthikeyan

  • Piyush Gupta’s ‘Tarla’ on ZEE5 is a wide-ranging, well-written drama that offers modest enjoyments and interesting perspectives on place and time.

  • Reader writes #599: “Sairat” and “Satya Prem Ki Katha”: Studying Non-Mainstream Subjects in a Mainstream Framework

  • Reader Post #598: Another Delight from Balamurali Krishna!

  • Interview: Lakshmi, Madhu, Sansi Balachandran and the Directors (Sweet Kalam Coffee, Prime Video)

  • Reader Post #597: In Madurai, the City of Cinemas….

  • Reader Writes #596: Desire Story 2: One Works as Idea, One Works as Execution, One Works as Both, One Works as Nothing

  • Interview: Kajol, Jish Sengupta, Supan Verma (The Trial, Disney+ Hotstar)

  • Despite many troubles at the start, ‘Satyprem Ki Katha’ directed by Samir Vidwanth is a pretty good problem-based drama with the heart of a big Hindi movie

  • Netflix’s ‘Lust Stories 2’ includes so-so movies by R Balki, Amit Ravindhanath Sharma, Sujoy Ghosh and great movies by Konkona Sen Sharma

  • Reader Post #595: Satyaprem Ki Katha: This Samir Vidwan director turns everything upside down after putting a solid twist to deliver a highly effective drama.

  • Mari Selvaraj’s ‘Maamannan’ is a solid drama with an engaging first half and a generic post-interrupt section

  • From the Web (FTW) #11: What?

  • BR – Conversation with Tara: Tever Magan

  • Reader Post #594: Half Moon and Other Stories

  • Reader Post #593: Tik Marries Shell: A Child of Familiar Romance and Quirky Encounter

  • Interview: Dushara Vijayan

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  • Reader Post #589: Book Review: Learning to Live – Volume 1 by Swami Jagdutmananda, translated by Dr. N. Thirumareshwar Bhat

  • Reader wrote #588: சில பயணங்களில், சில மனிதர்கள்- 1

  • Interview: Mari Selvaraj, Udayanidhi Stalin, Vadivel, Kisi Suresh (“Mamannan”)

  • Interview: Rohini (“Tandatty”)

  • Interview: Vasant Ravi (“Asvins”)

  • My YouTube Episode 3: Lyrics and Life

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