Ira Khan on being a star kid: Being a part of the family I am, has affected my mental health | Bollywood

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Although she’s battled clinical depression for several years now, Ira Khan has come out stronger through her struggles. Being the daughter of actor Aamir Khan and her ex-wife Reena Dutta must have had some effect on her mental health in the public eye, we ask. And she agrees. “There is no single cause of depression. The environment you grow up in shapes your personality. Everything that happened in my life did happen and yes, being part of a family affects my mental health 100% of the time. , in a way it didn’t help,” she admits.

Ira Khan on being a star kid: Being part of a family has affected my mental health
Ira Khan on being a star kid: Being part of a family has affected my mental health

But Khan has used his position and privilege to spearhead a foundation aimed at helping people facing mental health issues.

“When I got my diagnosis, I was afraid people wouldn’t understand me. I had the financial means, I had the support system, I had people who cared about me. Even then, my depression and fear paralyzed me, I was terrified of that feeling and I was terrified of what I would do if others felt the same way. I started Agastu in 2008 and did nothing for a year and a half,” she says.

The reason is that she was also diagnosed with periodic depression. “I had depression in July 2022 and found out about it. Then I do something that helps me do something.It’s back to normal stuff.This has been going on for months.I advocate for everyone’s mental health but I’m pretty prejudiced about myself I was angry with myself and it took me a long time to get out of this situation and finally joined Agastu in December, ”said Khan.

She claims that her family has been supportive from day one and understood what she wanted from them. Khan’s primary source of reliance is her fiancée, Nupur Shicareh. “My family was very supportive, but they didn’t always know how to support me. It took effort on their part.It’s really painful to see someone you love suffering and struggling in pain.You start panicking and I hope you solve the problem soon. , and then wonder if they’ve tried enough, and families go into a spiral of thinking they’ve done nothing for the person they’re suffering from,” she explains. .

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