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Sana Khan, who recently gave birth to a baby boy, shared on Instagram how her family welcomed her and the baby home and how her husband gave her a pleasant surprise. She shared a little video of her on Instagram to mark the arrival of her baby. (Also read: Sana Khan gets his first glimpse of his newborn son and introduces him to the Quran)

With a baby in her arms, Sana Khan shared her home decorations in a new Instagram post.
With a baby in her arms, Sana Khan shared her home decorations in a new Instagram post.

Sana takes the baby home

A video shot by the former actor to be posted on Instagram showed him holding a baby named Tariq Jamil in his arms and showing off the beautiful decorations of his home. The room was filled with white and blue balloons and butterfly stickers here and there. Sana was seen smiling at the camera while showing off her decorations. In the caption, she wrote, “Warm and humble, our Jigar Ka Tukda (blue heart emoji), Sayyad Tariq Jamil Mashara (star emoji) and Jazaq Allah Kahair @anas_saiyad20 for this beautiful surprise. Welcome, I’m amazed you managed to do this yourself (laughs),” he wrote. face emoji)

see for the first time

In a previous post, Sana revealed her baby boy for the first time. The video showed Tariq with a mobile phone on his crib. Tariq fussed under a blanket in his crib while soft fluffy clouds and stars moved above him. The mobile phone seemed to be playing an ayat from the Quran. “Taught my baby the Quran from day one,” she wrote in her post. Another video showed Tariq clutching his father’s finger. “With Baba @anas_saiyad20,” Sana wrote.

Sana’s birth announcement

It wasn’t until March 2023 that Sana confirmed the pregnancy news in an interview. she said: “I’m looking forward to it. Obviously, it’s a very different journey. As a woman, I’ve had my ups and downs emotionally, and I’ve had a lot of ups and downs.” But I think it’s a beautiful journey. I’m waiting for you in my arms… that’s all.”

And on July 5th, Sana announced the birth of her baby. “May Allah make us the best version for our baby. Behatareen Banna Hai, Allah ki Amanat. Bless our hearts and souls on this beautiful journey.” To your love and Duas for giving me Jazak Allah Khai,” she wrote.

Sana is known for her roles in Big Boss 6 and Salman Khan’s Jay Ho. She quit her acting career before marrying Annas in November 2020.

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