Nepal court lifts ban on Adipurush, Kathmandu mayor calls court ‘slave of India’ | Bollywood

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A court in Nepal on Thursday lifted a ban on Hindi-language films, including Adipurush starring Prabhas, and urged authorities not to stop showing any films that have passed the country’s censorship board.

Kriti Sanon as Janaki in Om Raut's blockbuster Adipursh.
Kriti Sanon as Janaki in Om Raut’s blockbuster Adipursh.

Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah has announced a ban on all Hindi-language films after Sita was mentioned as an “Indian daughter” in Adipurush’s conversation.

Prime Minister Shah said on Thursday he was ready to face any punishment but would not allow the film to be shown because the issue concerns “Nepal’s sovereignty and independence”.

A single court of Patan High Court Judge Dil Bahadur Chand has issued a short-term order stating that films licensed by the censor board should not be stopped.

Bhaskar Dungana, president of the Nepalese Film Institute, told media outlets that the petitioners were waiting for a written order from the court.

“From now on, we will show all films that have passed the censorship board,” he said.

Adipursh and other Hindi-language films were banned in Nepal on Monday after controversy over lines such as calling Seeta, played by Kriti Sanon, an “Indian daughter.” Sita, also known as Janaki, is believed by many to have been born in Janakpur, southeastern Nepal.

In a Facebook post, Mr Shah said he would not follow court orders.

“The screenwriter of the film said that Nepal was under Indian rule, which clearly shows India’s malice. Getting out means acknowledging that Nepal was once under Indian rule, “under Indian rule, both the courts and the government are Indian slaves,” he said in the post.

“We are ready to take any punishment for this, but the film will not work and will not be allowed to be shown,” he added.

Following the Kathmandu Mayor’s decision to ban the screening of ‘Adi Pruush’ in Kathmandu, Dhahran Mayor Haruka Sampan and Pokhara Mayor followed suit, ultimately leading to ‘Adi Pruush’ being screened throughout Nepal. It led to the cancellation of the screening of Plush.

Produced by T-Series, Retrophiles and UV Creations, the film also stars Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh and Devdatta Naj.

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