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N.EXA, India’s leading automotive brand, has announced the winners of its highly anticipated NEXA Music Season 2 competition. The top four winners will be selected to curate a music video produced by renowned music producer Mickey McCleary. NEXA Music Season 2 is a unique platform aimed at discovering and promoting original British musical talent in India. The competition received an overwhelming response from aspiring musicians and he received over 2,400 entries from all over the country. After a rigorous selection process, the top four winners were selected based on originality, creativity and musical talent.

NEXA Music Season 2 winners were handpicked by Maestro AR Rahman. Hanu Dixit, Sunep A Jamir, Inga and Gaia Meera were this season’s dinner winners. Each winner will have the opportunity to curate a music video produced by Mickey McCleary, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. The music video will be released on NEXA Music’s official YouTube channel and promoted on various social media platforms. NEXA Music Season 2 has once again cemented his NEXA commitment to promoting creative musical talent in India. The competition provides a platform for aspiring musicians to showcase their talents and connect with music lovers across the country.

Gaia Meera is a Mumbai-based artist who has captured the public eye with her soulful voice and meaningful lyrics. Hanu Dixit, also from Mumbai, is a versatile artist who sings, writes and composes catchy and profound music. Originally from Nagaland, Sunep A Jamir uses his unique voice and vibrant personality to create fun and impactful music. Hailing from Bangalore, Inga fuses Eastern and Western musical influences into her work, creating an approachable and refreshing sound.

Commenting on the success of NEXA Music Season 2, Qyuki Digital COO Juhi Mehta said: We’re thrilled that Season 2 has touched on the response and scale, and it’s getting better and better. increase.

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