Rani Mukerji Says “I Play Sheroes That People Have Adored And Accepted…” Opening Up About Female Centric Films

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Rani Mukerji: Let the girl choose the movie that the story centers on
Rani Mukerji: I let the girl choose the movie that the story is centered on (Photo credit: IMDB)

Actress Rani Mukerji has shared her vision of getting women right in Hindi cinema. She said women are the backbone of family and society and have a responsibility to show that to the world.

“As an actor, my vision for films and roles is constantly evolving, but one thing that has always remained the same for me is how I want to portray and represent women on screen. It’s the foundation, and as an actor I see it as my responsibility to show this to as many people as possible in my country and around the world.”

Rani Mukerji added: “Films can make a lasting impression in people’s minds. I realized that I could make a real change in the way people were treated and that it could be positive.”

Rani Mukerji wanted to show the girls fiercely independent and independent in the film. “I tried to choose films where the girl is also the center of the story and where she is presented with dignity and strength,” she says.

“Women have always been agents of change to me. They are independent, courageous, caring, dream chasers, and the best multitaskers I have ever found. I wanted to highlight these aspects of women by choosing characters that reflect the system.”

Rani Mukerji added: “So I started watching movies like Black, Veer Zahra, the Mardani series, Yuva, Nobody Kills Jessica, Hitchki, and even my latest, Mrs. Mara. If you look at Chatterjee vs. Norway, to name a few, the girls I play are central to the stories, the heroes that people have worshiped and accepted for who they are.”

In her previous film, Mrs. Chatterjee v Norway (MCVN), Lani played a maniacal woman who fights the country to get her children back. The film was a box office hit and revived the belief that content movies can draw people to theaters in this post-pandemic world.

Lani said, “Today MCVN is a hit because people want to see strong female protagonists like this on the big screen. There’s a constant debate about whether female-centric films will make it to the box office.” It’s a concern for me, but of course it’s about the box office.”

“If a movie is a hit, it’s if the producer makes money from it, and you have to consider not only how much it’s going to make at the box office, but also the cost of the movie.”

Rani Mukerji added: “There are a lot of misconceptions about what a hit means, and I think people should pay attention to this before making judgments about whether a movie will be profitable. A good movie always gets people into the theater, but gender doesn’t matter.”

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