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Mukesh Khanna has joined the brigade of criticizing the latest film Adipurush and how it portrays characters in the Hindu mythological epic Ramayan. The veteran actor criticized not only the character setting and unfair portrayal, but also Saif Ali Khan, who tried to turn Rankesh into a comic book character based on Ravan. (Also read: Kriti Sanon ‘focuses on cheers and applause’ amid Adiploush backlash)

Saif Ali Khan playing Rankesh in stills from Adiplush.
Saif Ali Khan playing Rankesh in stills from Adiplush.

Ravan of Adiplush

In a new video he shared, Mukesh said, “Ravan may be scary, but how come he looks like Chandrakanta’s Shivdutt, or Vishpursh?” he was a pandit. You will be shocked how Ravan can be imagined and designed like this. I remember Saif saying when the movie was announced that he wanted the character to be humorous. Even then I said: ‘Who would change the characters of our epic, Apne Dalam Mi Ka Ke Dikao?’ Sir Katone Lagenge (You will be decapitated)”. In fact, Rahvan’s appearance hasn’t changed much, and the filmmakers even tried to get him to do comedy. “

He further added, “Om laut ko rawan ke rie surf saif ali khan mira?” Isase Ancha Chara Industry Meranahigayakyya? Rawan Cadavarta, Isco Jugard Sebanaya. Ravan Kam Sasta Smuggler Jada Dikta Hai (Couldn’t Om Raut find a better actor than Saif Ali Khan? This actor looks more like a cheap smuggler than Ravan) .

Mukesh also said that Ramayan’s Lanka was supposed to be made of gold, but in Adipurush the black-painted Lanka is painted. He added that the battles depicted in the film also resemble today’s neighborhood brawls, full of curses and rants, rather than the battles of the time.

“Adiprush is an insult to Ramayan”

Mukesh called Adipurush at the beginning of the video as an insult to Ramayan. “I don’t usually talk about movies, but this has to do with my faith. I read people’s reactions. )”said. He thought, ‘How come Ramayan becomes a comedy? So, I decided to take a look, and when I looked it up, I found “Ise Bada Bayanak Tamasha Nahi Ho Sakuta, ISE Bada Apman Nahi Ho Sakuta Humare Ramayan Ka” There is no terrible drama and no insult to Ramayan like Adipurush). ). ”

He also said that writer Manoj Muntasir Shukla made Ramayan a “Kaliyugi” through dialogue using “Tapoli”.

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