The Amateur’s Art #50 – ‘Nihon-go no sukitto’, by Severus Snape (Japanese, with English subtitles)

by bollywoodbubbles
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Director’s Note: My friends and I made this short film/skit for the final assessment of our university’s spoken Japanese language course. I wrote the script in English in his two and a half hours and was very excited just by the prospect of directing the phenomenal Mr. Ann Scene, but things quickly went downhill, largely due to my inexperience.

I didn’t expect to have a hard time remembering dialogue in a foreign language (I now have more respect for the heroine of Maida Marv). I didn’t know how cameras (even cellphones and iPhones) would work and how the lighting would work. After 6-10 takes (even if it was terrible), I was satisfied with just being able to say the lines, so I didn’t reshoot some scenes. All her grandiose plans for staging and editing fell through as she had three exams in one day, but at least she’s happy to have submitted the film on time.

I hope this movie will make you laugh or shrug. After all, it started as a comedy and ended as a comedy :). It was both fun and frustrating because I missed almost every aspect of the movie (the so-called “staging”). We were both embarrassed and amused by the results (more embarrassing than amusing) and decided not to give credit to the respective departments. But even if she didn’t take the course, she has to thank Kartik for helping with the “filming”.

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