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T.One of South Asia’s largest omnichannel deep-interest-based networks of women and professionals and part of the Good Glam Group, Good Community has teamed up with ZEE5 to bring talented and outstanding An exclusive get-together with actress Huma Qureshi and renowned chef Renu Dalal. Upcoming movie, Tallulah.

The event brought together a diverse and committed group of women community members and leaders from the Good Community for an invitation-only event at the Bombay Canteen. It started by introducing The Good Community’s newest Community Champion, Top Her Community Volunteer, who consistently brings her expertise and enthusiasm to the community and is the most active contributor. Participating communities include The Sirona Circle, a safe space for discussing topics related to positive sexuality and women’s hygiene and health; MomStars, India’s trusted mother community; Organic Squad, which promotes organic living; Includes The GlammFam, Asia’s largest comprehensive beauty community. All champions were recognized and celebrated.

This was followed by a panel discussion with leading Bollywood actress Huma Kelsi, along with Renu Dalal, daughter of renowned cookbook author Talulah Dalal, and Avantika Bahguna, Business Director of Good Community. presided over. Panel discussions explored various aspects of the filmmaking process, the film’s core message, and the power of community. Throughout the event, attendees will engage in conversations that go beyond the surface level, providing insight into women’s journeys to establish financial independence and build legendary personal and professional brands while combating gender stereotypes. delved into the rich debate and shared candid personal stories from women’s lives. Creative professions, whether film or food, serve as a testament to the power of community, demonstrating that diverse voices can inspire, support and create lasting change. .

Naiyya Saggi of The Good Community, co-founder and CEO of Good Glamm Group, said at the event: Good Community is dedicated to creating spaces where people can come together, exchange stories, and find inspiration. This film and this event highlighted the true meaning of our community encouraging people to pursue their passions and personal development. Talulah Dalal and Huma themselves have both been outstanding creative icons and trailblazers in their respective generations, and partnering with a film by such a strong female leader is an honor for The Good Community. was consistent with its mission. ”

Actor Huma Qureshi also shared his insight on the importance of maintaining a positive mindset to pursue dreams regardless of age, and praised members of the Good Community for embracing this ideology. The event consisted of engaging activities, and community members also had the privilege of interacting closely with Huma and Renu during his engaging Q&A sessions.

The event was a huge success with Huma and Renu discussing candidly about overcoming ageism, supporting women, body positivity, behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the shoot, and more. Tarla is now available exclusively on her ZEE5.

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