Don 3 announcement delayed due to Salaar’s teaser: Is teaser clash the new worry for filmmakers? | Bollywood

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Actor Ranveer Singh has reportedly been announced to replace actor Shah Rukh Khan. Don The franchise was supposed to coincide with Shin’s birthday on July 6th.But the Prabhas teaser launch salar lead don 3 the manufacturer is scheduled Mr. Jawan’s Teaser coming later this month.

Prabhas’ Salal Teaser Released Thursday

Clashes between movies have long been a cause for concern among filmmakers, but the emergence of anxiety over clashes between teasers seems to be a relatively new phenomenon in the industry.

“When two teasers are released at the same time, it divides the audience’s attention. Agar, Mauka, Hi, what’s the harm in releasing them on different days,” said director Anise Bazmy. , added that this is not about competition. He went on to recall how manufacturers used to get news in the newspapers in the past, saying: Every producer has a plan, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Because if you put your heart and soul into a movie, you want to sell it well. “

Producer Ramesh Taurani also agreed with Bazmy, saying that whenever promoting a film, the team tries to think of what else they can come up with to avoid conflict. “It is better not to divert media attention to just that particular day. And most importantly, avoid comparisons of any kind,” he explains.

Director Mr. Deep Lamba waiting for the release of the movie Fukurei 3 It was scheduled for later this year, but Taulani agrees that it had to be postponed to avoid conflict with other big-name films. “Social media is overcrowded, with fan-made teasers and trailers already circulating. So in a good way, people will avoid going out in crowded situations,” he says, but Quickly added, “That said, I’m sure there must be another reason, but the Don 3 teaser wasn’t released, and it needs to do something.” of Salar teaser. ”

Trade analyst Komal Nafta called the teaser clash “absolute stupidity” and said, “I don’t think Salah caused this clash to take place, but if there is any truth to it, I don’t believe it. I don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said. The teaser is a one-minute video that the heavens wouldn’t fall if two of them were released on the same day. ”

Trade expert Atul Mohan doesn’t think it really matters how many teasers are released per day because no one will spend money to see them. “Furthermore, after the teaser is released, the discussion about it only lasts for hours.

The reasons for avoiding the confrontation are mostly discussed on social media, but director Anil Sharma said: Gadar 2 Ready for release, but feel this discussion has no potential. “I feel that content has to be powerful enough to grab people’s attention. Unhe accha lagega toh wo 100 baar bhi dekhenge, aur nahi accha lagega toh doosri baar bhi nahi dekhenge,” he says.

Sharma also recalls a bygone era when all these discussions did not even matter. “Pehle toh 4 film bhi ek saath release hojaati hain. Actually my film ‘Gadar’ was released at the same time as ‘Lagaan’ and both did very well. Nothing affects good content.” he says.

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