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Actor Kiara Advani recently revealed that she was upset when she was attacked by online trolls for being married. She said it happened just before she got married and released her latest album, Satyaprem Ki Katha. She revealed that it was her husband, actor Sidarth Malhotra, who helped her get through this period and focus on the positive. Also read: Kiara Advani reveals she auditioned for Aamir Khan’s role of Lal Singh Chadda

Kiara Advani married actor Siddharth Malhotra in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.  (Instagram/@kiaraaliaadvani)
Kiara Advani married actor Siddharth Malhotra in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. (Instagram/@kiaraaliaadvani)

Kiara Advani and Sidarth Malhotra

Chiara and Sidart Malhotra got married on February 7th. The couple tied the knot at Jaisalmer’s magnificent Suryagarh Palace, and the wedding was a private event attended by only a few people. The two fell in love while working together at Shershire and dated for a while before getting married.

Chiara Advani opens up about wedding video controversy

Kiara and Sidarth are very private about their personal lives, so Kiara was recently asked if her husband has ever asked her not to post photos online. She told Film Companion: There was a lot of discussion about it. Kiara said she and Sidarth weren’t going to post the video at first, but Manish Malhotra told her, “I have to.”

Chiara Advani opens up about being married as an actor

Kiara also recalled feeling negative about the trolls she faced right after the wedding, saying, “When Satyaprem Ki Kata was coming out, it was the first time I felt pressured to overwhelm me on social media. I had a feeling, because I had just been married… “Oh isn’t it yeah kiu kia hai, wo kiu kiah hai (why does she do that now when she’s married)” I felt like there was a very strange negative feeling going on about that particular scene. Perhaps it has something to do with “Oh, now she’s married.” I was like, “Wait!” What happened here? This is all too new for me. Because people troll you for being very silly, but now you’re a married actor and people expect you to say or do certain things, so people I’m tearing you down It bothered me a little. Couldn’t brush it off. It really affected me. “

Chiara Advani talks about Sidarth Malhotra’s maturity in dealing with negativity

Kiara said she read everything written about her online and said it was a bad habit. “A little bit of negativity hit me, but I didn’t even discuss it with my husband. Let’s not go into that further because he saw it himself and didn’t bring it up because he didn’t want to make a fuss about it.He was the one who explained it to me.He said, “Look, there will always be negative trolls… but if you’re going to take this seriously, sit at home right now and cry and act like the shit just hit the roof.” I was. is something wrong? you don’t know them they don’t know you These may be like some fans who don’t like us getting married. Leave it alone. Why are you boarding there? I realized if he’s so mature about it, why am I sitting there feeling all these things. Thankfully, there are people with wisdom, maturity and experience on this subject who will tell you not to pay attention to this,” the actor added.

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