“If He Proposes To Me, I’ll Marry Him Without A Second Thought”

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When Sylvester Stallone confesses that he has a crush on Sridevi and is the sexiest man ever, when he clean-bowls Sridevi
Sridevi admits she once had a crush on Sylvester Stallone (photo credit – IMDb; Instagram)

Sridevi is one of the most iconic actors in Indian cinema, but the country came to a standstill after her death in Dubai in 2018. The Hawah Hawai’i actress ruled the hearts of many, but did you know she was in big love? Hollywood action superstar Sylvester Stallone? She once confessed her admiration for Rocky Star. Scroll down to get Deet.

A milestone in Sylvester’s life came when he featured Rocky Balboa in the first Rocky movie, and since then he never had to look back again. The Rocky series catapulted him to Hollywood and became one of his highest-grossing series. His ruggedness captivated everyone, including actress Sadma, who said a little too much about how he made her feel each time she saw a Sly movie on screen.

In an interview with Sineblitz magazine, Sridevi once confessed that she had a crush on Sylvester Stallone and how much she fell in love with him. She told the media, “I’m obsessed with Sylvester Stallone. I’ve seen all three of his parts in ‘Rocky’ countless times.” “He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever met and one of the best actors.”

Sylvester Stallone must be on every action-loving spectator’s list, but without a doubt, that heavy voice adds a bonus to his overall personality. Sridevi also revealed how much Stallone had an impact on her and how her mood lifted after seeing his film. she said: “His voice gives me goosebumps. God, even when I’m talking about him, I can feel something happening to me. I get chills all over my body. When I’m depressed.” , just watching his movies on video makes me feel good again.”

She continued, “I have never been more attracted to a man. He is my ideal man. I think the man I saw in my dreams is Sylvester. I hope to meet him someday and be together.” I want to work in .” Not only that, but she admitted that if Sylvester Stallone had proposed, she would have even said yes. She said, “Yes, if he proposes, I will marry him without hesitation.”

Lucky for Bonnie Kapoor that Sylvester Stallone didn’t propose to Sridevi!

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