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Amisha Patel took to Twitter again on Thursday to defend her ‘Gadar 2’ co-star Simrat Kaur, who was trolled by some for her previous film. Simrat has appeared in several Telugu films, including ‘Dirty Hari’ and the Hindi film ‘Soni’. She was cast opposite Utkarsh Sharma in Gadar 2, with the popular duo of Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel returning as Tara Singh and Sakina. However, her Amisha tweet was met with negative comments from followers, who accused her of targeting Simrat in her previous tweets. Also read: S.unny Deol shares a video of Kiri Paul dancing to Gadal’s song Mai Nikla Gaddi Le Ke.clock

Amisha Patel has defended Simrat Kaur ahead of Gadar 2's release.
Amisha Patel has defended Simrat Kaur ahead of Gadar 2’s release.

Amisha wrote on Twitter on Thursday, “Spent all night today defending the negative views surrounding Shimrat Kaul, Utkarsh Sharma’s co-star in GADAR 2!!” As a girl, I ask all of you to spread only positive information and do not humiliate girls. Let’s support new talent!!

Why Amisha Patel’s Tweet Got A Negative Response

Shimrat Kaul started getting trolled when one Twitter user shared an intimate video of Shimrat and another actor questioning her casting in Gadar 2, and Amisha accused her of It seems that the trolling has started with defending. It was from one of her movies.

Many fans questioned Amisha’s tweet. A Twitter user responded, “Good marketing style.” Another said: “Good strategy, but we’re not fooled by it. We shouldn’t have entertained them in the first place.” The comment also said: Please look at the timeline once. ”

Amisha’s tweet to Simrat Kaur on Wednesday

A Twitter user wrote along with the video: “Dear @ameesha_patel mama, we are fans of @iamsunnydeol and you are so worried after seeing cheap vulgar videos and images of @simratkaur_16, the girl @iutkarsharma’s partner in #Gadar2 @simratkaur_16. How can Anilsharma_dir get her in a pretty movie like #Gadar2 when she does such a crappy job?”

The tweet was unintentionally highlighted when Amisha replied, “Hey to all my lovely fans!!” Please stop speculating!! Watch Gadal 2 in theaters on August 11th and love it with all your might!!”

Amisha Patel retweeted offensive tweets.
Amisha Patel retweeted offensive tweets.

The post received some negative comments aimed at Simrat, but one Twitter user said, “I know you’re trying to appeal to all your fans, but it’s hard to accidentally retweet a fan who slanders others. It doesn’t look good,” he said. Be careful with fan interactions like this. ”

Anil Sharma’s Gadar 2 stars Utkarsh Sharma, who played Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh, the son of Tara Singh and Sakina in the original 2012 child star, as a new male lead. . He is the son of Anil Sharma. Gadar 2 opens theatrically on his August 11th and will take on Akshay Kumar’s his OMG 2.

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