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Actor Swara Bhaskar used her Twitter handle to share a photo showcasing her ‘Sothan’ (the other woman), who she calls her husband’s ‘ex-spouse’. She married political leader Fahd Ahmad. She wrote a note addressed to Arish Kamal, a close friend of her couple. Also read: Swara Bhaskar celebrates ‘Peri Eid’ and shares photos with husband Fahad Ahmad and family

Swara Bhaskar celebrates the birthday of Fahad Ahmad's best friend,
Swara Bhaskar wished Fahad Ahmad’s best friend a happy birthday,

Swara Bhaskar Posts To Fahad Ahmad’s ‘Original Spouse’

Swara posted a photo of Arish being clicked on several times. Some of them are also clicked from the registered marriages of Swara and Fahad. Sharing them, Swara wrote a note for Arish, who turned 1.

She wrote in the caption: “Happy birthday to our friend, comrade and former spouse of Fahd @arishqamar. Thank you for standing our ground and for ensuring that this was submitted on time!

Swara Basker married Fahad Ahmad

Mr Fahad is the Samajwadi Party Youth Division, President of Samajwadi Yuvjan Sabah. Swara and Fahad got married in February. She shared the news on her social media accounts, writing: We were looking for love, but found friendship first. And we found each other! Welcome to my heart @FahadZirarAhmad It’s chaotic, but it’s yours!”

In late March, Swara and Fahad celebrated their wedding with elaborate ceremonies, including mehendi, sangeet and qawari night events. They also held receptions in Delhi and Mumbai, attended by several celebrities, politicians and popular celebrities. In April, the couple celebrated their first Eid as a couple.

Swara shared the photo and shared it on Twitter with “Peri Eid #NewBeginnings #EidMubarak2023 @FahadZirarAhmad”. In response to her post, many people wished the couple to get married in her comment section. “This year, thanks to Ramzan, I realized that the idea of ​​coexistence is being preached as a very difficult concept. People who believe in the idea,” Fahd added.

Swara was last seen at Jahan Char Yar. She has Mrs. Falani in the pipeline.

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